Friday, 23 August 2013

Welcome to the University of Sheffield Research Data Management Blog

Welcome to the University of Sheffield Research Data Management (RDM) Blog. This blog will be the place we share the latest news, views, and developments in the exciting area of RDM.

Our main audience for this blog is the researchers of the University, and the professional services staff involved and engaged in RDM work - namely those that will be supporting the research community with their RDM requirements. As part of building institutional RDM capacity and capability we hope that you will find this blog a useful tool for raising RDM awareness. The University of Sheffield Research Data Management Policy was published in 2012.

During 2011/2012 the University conducted a 12 month internal research data management scoping project and one of the main objectives was to explore the University's current capabilities for meeting RDM needs and propose reasonable, viable and sustainable extensions to the University's support for RDM. As a result of the project several key areas requiring action were identified. They include:
  1. Advocacy, awareness-raising and training for our research community
  2. Support for costing RDM requirements in grant applications
  3. Support and guidance on data management plans (DMPs)
  4. Provide an authoritative and up-to-date UoS portal providing advice and support
  5. Guidance on storage, back-up, and data security
  6. Creating a network of RDM champions
  7. Provide advice and guidance on intellectual property (IP) and copyright in research data
  8. Develop a data repository infrastructure
So, we will be covering many different components of RDM, and where feasible signposting to other sources of useful information. We welcome relevant guest posts from TUoS community, so please do let us know if you are interested in sharing your views and thoughts on RDM.

Future posts will consider 'What is Research Data?' and what are the drivers and benefits of managing research data.

Useful resources:

Digital Curation Centre
RCUK Common Principles on Data Policy


  1. Hiya. Here are some more resources that you might find helpful.

    Web content:

    PDF guide:

    Training resources:

  2. Thanks to the Data Management Team at the UK Data Service for signposting to these useful and authoritative resources. We shall be exploring the importance of national data services, subject repositories/depositories in future postings.

  3. Sounds good, Laurian.

    Look forward to hearing about how things develop at Sheffield